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The Wheel of Life

Wheel Of Life is my most popular workshop!

Are you just going through the motions everyday or are you living the life you have always wanted. You will leave this workshop knowing what is important to you and excited about making positive changes.

This workshop introduces a structured method of helping you to identify the most important areas in your life and systematically making them even better.    Read more
You may be discussing things of a personal nature, (but you don’t have to) so please come with an open mind and agree to keep everything said confidential.
The workshop is fun, light-hearted and definitely motivational.

There will be notes provided and two coffee breaks with refreshments Included.

The workshop is run over three sessions each lasting 4 hours and run in the mornings from around 9.30am to 1.30am. Please call for dates.

Price: £50 per session x £150