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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Tools | 0 comments

The Stop Sign

The Stop Sign

If you are a visual person this may work for you, if not give it a go anyway.

If you find yourself imagining the worst in any situation and you feel yourself beginning to lose control and starting to panic, do the following:

1. Quickly say “Stop” to yourself or out loud.

2. Start to breathe deeply, quietly, and rhythmically.

3. Imagine a huge STOP sign in front of you

4. Breath in and out for each letter, S T O P, tracing it in your mind, and say STOP to yourself. ”

5. Do this several times, until you start to feel calm.

Try to do this before you get into a state, the key is to STOP yourself panicking. As soon as you feel yourself imagining the worst or you start telling yourself something that you know will upset you.

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