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Azra Secerbegovic – Business Owner, The Netherlands 12th May 2014

I got to know Christine firstly as the client at my business ASPA in Den Haag. Very soon I also became her client. She has been instrumental in building my business and has been with me through the lows and the highs of it. Her help in building the staff, mission, strategy, my own values, communication within the team and much more helped me to take another step forward in my business. Furthermore, she was very insightful and helpful in the choices I had to make in my private life as well.

Christine listens to you and does not impose her opinions; she just helps you to see the situation from another perspective and to make your own decisions. She has the wealth of life experience, international background, very strong understanding of different cultures and the great love for people.

I would highly recommend Christine as the life and business coach.

Anita – Entrepreneur, The Netherlands 2014

Details of the Recommendation: “Christine is a wonderful coach. She has an extraordinary way of combining lightness and positivity with setting steps for reaching goals. Her support has been very helpful in setting new directions in turbulent times, both for my business and my private life.” 

Adriana Lucas – Lawyer, The Netherlands 2013

“Combining a warm personality with effective tools, Christine already made a difference in my life after our first session.
For anyone seeking a bit of coaching in life, I highly recommend Christine, she is the real thing.”

Ceci Wong, Chiropractor, The Netherlands 2013

“Christine taught me some really valuable tips for me to move forward not only in my professional development, but also in my personal development. Her coaching tools and methods were very effective in tackling my issues. I still use what I learned from Christine to this day, and I am grateful to have learned these lessons to implement in my daily life. She helped me to realize what was important and what takes priority, how to tackle huge projects and divide them into realistic doable chunks, and above all, to be kind to myself in the whole process. Christine’s coaching style can be quite beneficial to small business owners, as well as the personal issues that can sometimes get in the way of running a business!”

Gang Zhai, Lawyer – The Netherlands, 2010

As a PhD student from Asia, coaching was completely new to me and the idea of taking part in a coaching session seemed kind of embarrassing in the beginning. I was somewhat reluctant at first, but the coaching sessions given by Mrs. Christine Miljkovic in fact proved extremely helpful. Her professional approach completely eliminated any initial concerns I might have had about the value of these sessions.Coaching helps you identify your priorities and set short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Mrs. Miljkovic helps you understand the values that you treasure the most, so that you can take firm action under the guidance of those values without being troubled by any psychological conflicts.Life is a long path towards ultimate goals which may not be always clear to you, and there are many cross-roads along the path. When you are at some critical points in that journey, I am sure that a passionate, professional coach such as Mrs. Christine Miljkovic can be of great value in helping you find your way professionally and personally.

Charlene, Entrepreneur – The Netherlands, November 2010

After having lost my job of 10 years in a reorganization, Christine Miljkovic provided excellent coaching to help me find my way and restart my career.   From the very first meeting with Christine, her ability to focus on my personal needs and interests, coupled with the practical skills to get things done, helped me to look forward to new  opportunities.  I highly recommend Christine to anyone who is going through a change in life or wants to get the most out of a situation in their life, and who needs help to work through the changes and to find a new direction.”

Lynne Tomlinson, Teacher – Holland 2009

My coaching experience with Christine was life changing. It enabled me to redirect aspects of my life that were unfocused. I felt motivated and energised both during and after each coaching session. Christine is a positive and inspirational coach. I would highly recommend her.

Kristine Wong, Lawyer – Singapore 2008

Christine possesses a tremendous one of a kind source of sensibility, which combined with her empathetic and grounded approach to coaching can help anyone cut through the “static” which we live with on a day to day basis. She has helped me focus, direct and channel my energy towards my true life’s goals and I am absolutely positive that she could do the same for anyone.

Alix Grice, Lawyer – Singapore 2008

I have been delighted by my experience with Christine and Inspire Coaching. I knew very little about personal coaching before I started, but I have learned that it is not teaching, in the sense of someone telling you what do. On the contrary, Christine helps you to recognise the things that are holding you back from achieving what you want, and guides you in developing a strategy for a step by step resolution of each problem or frustration. After the first few sessions, I felt like I had put down some very heavy (and unnecessary) personal baggage that I have been dragging around with me for years. And it is incredible how the coaching principles seem to apply to a very wide range of issues in my life – it is fascinating to learn that there are common threads through everything you do that may be preventing you from attaining your goals. The coaching process is also very flexible, you can do just 1 session or you can do 100! YOU are in control. I would certainly recommend Inspire to anyone who feels like they are not quite getting as much out of life as they had hoped.

Deirdra McHugh, Stay at home mum – Singapore 2006

Christine offers professional coaching with a sense of passion, focus and humour!I enjoyed every session and found I had a greater sense of direction and focus in my career planning, social and family life. Thanks Christine.

I met Christine in times of great personal uncertainty and upheaval, and she became a most reliable and grounding presence in my life. I found her compassionate, professional and efficient at all times – a mix of abilities that is rarely found in one and the same person.

Enabling me without any attachment to the outcome of our sessions; respectful and without taking over the process, Christine encouraged me step – by step – by step.  I thrived as she walked alongside my path, and learned to relate in new and productive ways to the episodes of life I was going through.  She has never let me lose sight of the bigger picture.

I am indebted to Christine for my regained sense of proportion – and so much more. ‘We cannot change reality, but we can change the way we respond to it – with grace and sometimes even with a smile. ‘

Thank you, Christine – this I will never forget.

Eva László-Herbert  – Romanian Translater Netherlands – 2011

I knew Christine in 2008 through an unexpected social context and back then, I would consider myself as an individual with a successful career and a fulfilling life. However meeting Christine made me want to take my success to a new level and breathe life into those areas that were not working as well as they could be.

When Christine became my life coach, she came with the fundamental principle behind coaching; that I know best what I want and that I could obtain those things. Through her powerful open-ended questions and creative visualization, I was able to consider the same subject from a variety of different perspectives. Christine was able to effectively increase my resourcefulness to figure out how I could get what I wanted. She firmly believed in my ability to know best what my capabilities are. At that stage where I was, she challenged and supported me to define concrete and realistic steps I needed to take going forward. With her support, I was able to tap into my own internal resources that I needed in order to succeed – she helped clarify what was within my control and what was outside my control and what I could do about it. And when things were not going my way and at times obstacles seemed insurmountable, Christine kept me focused on my goals and reinforced why they were important to me. In short, she kept my state of mind calm and confident so that I could deal with these challenges.

Fast forwarding this relationship 7 years, Christine remains my coach and strong confidante, she is definitely the person I would go to whenever I require assistance in gaining clarity towards an improved quality of life that I continue to strive for.   I would highly recommend her.

Sandra Yap – Singaporean Director Human Resources Singapore – 2008 – 2015

I first met Christine in September 2014 at a dinner organized by a friend.  At that time, I was struggling with work-related issues – an unreliable colleague, supervisors clashing with each other, unbearable atmosphere in the office. I had never seen a professional coach before and I was reluctant to accept that I needed some guidance to cope with the situation. Christine inspired trust and seemed to be a very approachable person. After a few weeks, I decided to begin coaching sessions with her.

Christine has a remarkable ability to transform obstacles into a practical combination of steps to be taken and attitudes to be adopted. After a few sessions with her, the daunting problems I was facing at the office began to dissipate in my mind. As I once told Christine, the swamp I was lost in transformed into a roadmap, easily navigable with the help of only a few tools: a list of steps to be taken, a system of positive attitude sentences, and a fresh, empowering perspective. Although all these tools were born during the coaching sessions, they were not bestowed upon me by Christine – they were all intrinsically mine.

How does she do it? In my opinion, Christine catches the essential word, sentence, gesture that best describes one’s state of mind. We give ourselves away, but a good professional has to be able to read us. She definitely has this ability. She asks the right questions and – perhaps more importantly – she makes you ask yourself the right questions. She holds a mirror to you, in which, bit by bit, you learn to see yourself, as you really are.

After less than a year of being coached by Christine, I feel infinitely better about my job. I learned to say no and not feel guilty about it. I learned to protect myself from conflicts that whirl around me without getting involved. I am so much more “Zen” about what happens in the office and I finally enjoy working again.

Lately, Christine has also helped me untangle a difficult personal relationship that I have been long struggling with. Needless to say, the best professional can only help if one has the ability to accept and use the help given. I know that my success story also has to do with my ability to process the coaching sessions. But it is exactly this ability that Christine unlocked. I am a much happier person thanks to her coaching.

Dr. Kinga Tibori-Szabó, – Romanian, International lawyer, Netherlands 2015