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One less in the nest

This workshop will explore how you are feeling now, with a child about to leave home and will teach you ways of coping when they have left.  Having spent many years looking after them, it is only natural to be worried about them in the future, but in your heart you know that they will be just fine, but what about you? “One less in the nest” is not about psychotherapy or understanding why you are feeling sad, but about taking action and moving forward.

The workshop will cover:

Discussing your fears with others in the same situation

Defining exactly what it is that worries you and how deal with it

Devising an action plan of how to feel better now.(there is a lot you can do)

Gaining support from the group, know that it is normal to be sad

Feeling confident that you can face the future with “One less in the nest”

Included in the workshop;

Two coffee breaks with refreshments
A set of notes

About the coach:
Christine is an English expatriate and certified life coach who has been living overseas for the last 27 years. She has three sons; all three have left the nest.

The workshop is run over three sessions each lasting 4 hours and run in the mornings from around 9.30am to 1.30am. Please call for dates.

Price: £50 per session = £150