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On the move

“On The Move” Workshop

Dealing with change

Moving down the road is not an easy thing, so as many of you know, an International move to a far away land with lots of difficult cultural issues is an even bigger challenge.  Even if you have been an expatriate for many years, somehow things get more difficult not easier.  As when you were young you didn’t have a handful of children and aged parents to bring along or leave behind.

This workshop introduces a structured method to identify the most important areas to consider, as you approach a local or international move.  You will be shown a process to help you systematically plan how to deal with the changes and challenges ahead.

A lot of the things we will be discussing are not logistical, but emotional, how to feel in control when you actually feel like you have no choice. We will find ways to make everything you have to leave behind bearable, leaving you to enjoy the next chapter of your life without guilt or constant worry.

To be prepared is to be in control or for some, let go of it!

The workshop is run over three sessions each lasting 4 hours and run in the mornings from around 9.30am to 1.30am. Please call for dates.

Price: £50 per session = £150