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This group was set up seven years ago up by Christine Miljkovic, an English lady who found she had breast cancer while living in Singapore in 2008. Christine joined the local cancer support group and started one herself.  She benefited from being with people in a similar situation to herself and made lots of lifelong friends.  Christine felt very supported while living far from home without family close by and would like to offer something similar to English speakers living in The Netherlands.  Christine is a qualified Life Coach and is offering a positive and fun environment for cancer patients and survivors to move on, during and after treatment.  The group will meet monthly and will support each other in between, by accompanying each other for Dr’s appointments for any other needs.  The group will share information, side effects, and concerns, but most importantly, how to stay positive and have fun. Christine has relocated back to the UK after 27 years overseas. Unfortunately the group has closed.


Join us if:


You have been diagnosed with any kind of cancer.

You have recovered from cancer and you would like to be around positive people who understand what you have been through.

You would like a place to share your worries and concerns about the future, no matter how long ago you had cancer.

Don’t sit at home alone and worried, join us and take control of your life again and have some fun!

I have known Christine for over a year now and would welcome any chance to encourage her excellent work in the field of cancer support!

Christine exudes sincere passion for what she does! And, when in the company of others, she can light up a room with hope — a hope that is born from discipline and a concentrated focus on healing. She offers people a chance to talk openly without fear of further judgement. She offers a calm space where women can begin to decide how they want to live with cancer and make small but meaningful changes to their lives and outlook. And, importantly, she supports them along every step of this journey.

Christine is highly organized and professional in her approach. She has the unique ability to translate her message and passion across all ethnicities and income groups. She is well respected among the medical professionals as well as the other support group leadership here in Singapore.

She will be sorely missed and a hard resource to replace. I am among many who wish her all the best in life and in her professional path! — Anne Hockett, Singapore.

I never thought I needed a life coach till I met Christine. I thought I had my life all sorted out: a career as a lawyer for a multi-national company; two wonderful children; a loving husband and lots of travel to exotic destinations. I wouldn’t say I was smug, but I was satisfied with my life.

My world came crashing down when I found out I had breast cancer. When I received my diagnosis, I thought the outcome was that I was going to die. I had a double mastectomy the next day, and I still thought I was going to die.

I met Christine in the hospital days after my operation, and she turned my life around. Christine is also a breast cancer survivor. But it wasn’t the solidarity that comes from having a disease that can rob you of life that turned my life around – that experience bonds you to another person so that all women who have gone through this disease become all part of your family. This was something more. The brush with death made me realize that I could not be complacent. We all only have a limited time on this earth. What we do or do not do with our lives is up to us. After my operation and during my chemotherapy, I had time to re-evaluate my life. I had other goals which had not been fulfilled. I could be a better role model to my children. I could be a better mother. I could be a better wife. I can have a greater and better impact on others. I could be a better person. The list was endless, and I didn’t know where to begin.

That’s when Christine, who had been, and still is, a friend, became my teacher, counselor, life coach and all around guiding light. She has helped me focus and define my goals. More importantly, she has helped me break down and set out the steps that have helped me achieve them. She has guided me, and is still guiding me to achieve my goals. Hopefully, I’m a better person because of her. If you think you have it altogether, or if you know you don’t have it altogether, Christine Miljkovic can help and coach you on your life’s journey just as she has mine. — Kristine Wong