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Harmony in the home

“Harmony in the Home” Workshop

Getting on with the people living in your home

Whether you live with just your husband or still have a house full of children, getting on with others is key in our world.  This workshop is about setting boundaries for yourself and the other members of your family together in a mutually respectful way.

With a little thought and some planning you can set the scene for the home life you have always wanted. General advice from friends is great, but we are all different and one rule or suggestion doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Participating in this fun and mutually supportive workshop, will help you define, create and maintain your ideal relationship with your family.  You will have the opportunity to share experiences and gain insights in a confidential environment.

The workshop will cover 8 Steps to Achieving “Harmony in the Home”

  1. Some general guidelines for everyone.
  2. Identifying your own expectations.
  3. Discovering what your top 3 values are. e.g. honesty, punctuality  discretion.
  4. Learning how to get what you want without shouting and demanding it.
  5. Learning a strategy for dealing with misunderstandings, before they get out of hand.
  6. Learning how to set clear boundaries for the most important areas of home life.
  7. Options and tactics to use when your boundaries have been crossed.
  8. Money matters.

You will leave this workshop feeling confident that having a happy home life is definitely possible and the only way to go.  A set of notes will also be provided.

The workshop is run over three sessions each lasting 4 hours and run in the mornings from around 9.30am to 1.30am. Please call for dates.

Price: £50 per session = £150