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Don’t miss the opportunity to have a “One off” personality profiling session with life coach Christine Miljkovic. The DISC system will identify your strengths and style preferences in just 7 minutes. Simply answer a page of multiple choice questions and receive invaluable feedback. This information will help you communicate more effectively with family, friends and clients. Understanding the four personality styles will enhance communications in all areas of your life. DISC is excellent for conflict mediation at work or at home.

DISC will help you to:

  • Identify your own style

  • See how you are perceived by others

  • Learn how your style changes under stress

  • Adapt to other styles when necessary

  • Communicate effectively with your teenagers

  • Strengthen personal and business relationships

  • Hire the right people with confidence

All this in just one hour!

DISC is a must for everyone, call Christine for an appointment.  Price: £100

Tel: +44 (0)7889 788595


Christine is certified to deliver the DISC Personality System.

Find out which you are?

D = Dominant – Driver

I  = Influencing – Inspiring

S = Stable – Steady

C = Compliant – Correct


Have a one off session and unlock the secrets of enhanced communications in all areas of your life.