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Being Happy and Chocolate Therapy

Next date: Thursday 31st May 2018, 9.30am to 12.30pm Price: £55

How happy are you? Whatever your level of happiness, you will benefit from this fun inspiring morning.

This informative interactive talk will highlight some simple, but very powerful things you can do to improve your happiness in all areas of your life.

We will look at the 6 human needs

The four classes of experience created by Anthony Robbins.

I will share my top Happiness Tips

There are lots of notes, a physical example of how positive thinking can make your body stronger or weaker and some great group discussions.

Just when you are feeling good and happy we launch off into the chocolate therapy.

“What sort of chocolate do you Like?”
Do you prefer dark or light chocolate? Do you always go for the square ones? are their centres hard or soft, nutty or marshmallow? and afterwards what do you do with the wrapper: roll it into a tube, or turn it into a masterpiece of origami?

What does all this reveal about your personality? Did you know that the shapes and centres that attract you, may be a guide to your inner self.

This will be a fun, happy, and slightly fattening couple of hours.

You will go away feeling lighter (unless you have eaten too much chocolate), happier and knowing some actions step you may need to take.